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About us

Let us introduce ourselves. Movies are our passion, and if you're looking on our site, they are probably yours too. A movie can transport you from the mundane to the marvelous, from the humdrum to Hollywood, whether your interests lie in the glitz and glamour of the old classics or the fresh and the new. We sell a variety of film memorabilia, cinema posters and movie related autographs.

I'm Bonnie Caddick, the founding director of Julespire. After many years of collecting movie memorabilia for fun, I decided that this is the area I wanted to work in full time, deciding to focus on movie memorabilia professionally.

We regularly attend many of the comic cons and other movie and autograph events held all over the country. Please look out for us! Along the way we have met some amazing people, famous faces and fellow collectors. Here are some of my own personal photos.

This is me with the charming John Challis. 

My son with Jeffrey Weissman (Back To The Future 2 & 3) and THE HOVER BOARD!!!


 The man with very little hair about to get sliced is my husband who sometimes I wonder comes along just to pose!

We do not currently sell on any auction site or third party 'marketplace' sites so you will only find our products right here. We are adding stock to the site all the time but we have plenty of items in our collection we might be able to offer for sale if there's something in particular you are looking for. Just send us a message using the Contact us page.

Some of our items are brand new, others are taken from our own collection amassed over the past 17 years, or from our very carefully selected sources. Many items within our own personal collection we treasure too much to sell! Items such as autographs and movie props will come with their own certificate of authenticity and are fully guaranteed or your money back. All of the autographs are 100% genuine, signed by movie stars as stated. We do not sell the photocopies that sometimes appear on auction or market place type  sites. We offer a lifetime guarantee by way of a certificate of authenticity included with every autograph. Each certificate is vouched by a personal signature together with our contact details. Sadly there are a few fraudsters out there willing to let buyers believe they have something authentic and very special, when in fact it is completely fake. We have no hesitation in reporting genuinely suspected cases of fraud to the relevant authorities. Like many enthusiast collectors we love that feeling of awe knowing that Hollywood star has had this piece of paper in their hand or this prop was actually made for the production of one of our favourite films. We want others to share that feeling and enjoy collecting genuine items as much as we do. 

Have a good look round, all of our items are arranged by Movie category and/or Type of product which you can find on the side bar on the left. You can also use our search facility in the box at the top of the page. If you just want to browse try having a look around on the Collections pages.

Please note that we do not claim copyright in respect of the movie and film related images and photographs on this site. They are shown purely for illustration purposes and remain the property of the respective copyright owners.

Bonnie Caddick


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