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Collecting Film Posters

Movie posters have been used to promote film releases since the very early years of cinema. Posters have been presented in a number of different but industry standard sizes, often for displaying on billboards or at cinemas. Film posters have become collectors’ pieces with some very rare items fetching hundreds of thousands of pounds. Some posters are rare simply because of their age and the fact that very few have survived. Other more modern posters are rare because they were scarcely produced or withdrawn such as the Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi poster or the Spiderman poster that unknowingly featured the New York World Trade Centre Twin Towers appearing in the reflection of Spiderman's eyes in early 2001, not long before the tragic events of 9/11. Nevertheless, like many collectors’ items, many are very reasonably priced and affordable to collectors.

Certainly with the much older, rarer and more valuable items, one should exercise extra caution when parting with large sums. In some cases for example, there is a significant difference between the original cinema film poster and the posters reproduced for video shops when the films were subsequently released onto VHS or DVD.

Rolled posters will often have very small scuff marks rounds the edges, perhaps because of the way they were removed from display or how they were subsequently stored. Ideally you should not store movie posters in tubes upright as the weight will inevitably crease the edges. Having said that, form some people creases and tears makes the greater point that the poster they have on display is an authentic original not a reprint. Also, once framed any creases or small tears around the edges are not really visible. Framed film posters can make a real statement in any games room or bedroom, and why not rotate them with other posters, just as they would at the cinemas!



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